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What can I learn from the Tarot?

You are welcome to ask anything you want. "Yes-or-no" type of questions typically get an answer that honors the complexity of the situation. I will not look into intimate details of beings that are not clearly consenting that at the time of the reading.

If life presents different options for you, it can be insightful to look into each option to evaluate a a path that serves your higher self and all related beings the best. 


Where does the Tarot come from?

The templars are said to have spread the tarot across Europe, concealing it as playing cards. I feel the origin of the tarot goes back further in history beyond Ancient Egypt to Atlantean times. The Tarot is part of a larger system of wisdom and understanding that includes sacred geometry, astrology, the Hebrew language and the Kabbalistic teachings around the Tree of Life. 

I would recommend you first to experience a reading with me, to get a feeling about how the Tarot speaks to me. I will be my honour to guide your understanding further and help you to facilitate your own readings.

Can I learn about the Tarot from you?

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