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"As divine creators, we all possess an inherent potential to create infinite realities.

It is my life mission to provide guidance to unlock this potential, so we can all give birth to realities of sovereignty."

 Maximilian's journey towards becoming a spiritual guide and metaphysical

consultant started when he found himself in a life-changing situation.

In 2005, he spent long nights sending love and healing to a loved one who

was in mortal danger in intensive care.

This experience made him realize that he had found his life path,

and he began studying metaphysics to deepen his

understanding of the mysteries of being.

Despite his passion for healing and guiding others, Maximilian's career took a different turn, and he started producing creative content for the top 30 global brands. However, he never forgot his calling, and soon he started to integrate his metaphysical knowledge into his work as a consultant for companies and individuals in the tech industry.

Maximilian's experience in the tech world gave him a unique perspective on the challenges faced by executives and entrepreneurs, and he found that he could offer valuable guidance by combining his business acumen with his metaphysical expertise. He used tools like the tarot and crystal activations to help his clients tap into their inner wisdom and navigate the complexities of their professional lives.

Today, Maximilian is part of several successful companies in technology and conscious community movements. This leaves space for his main passion for guiding individuals to their sovereignty. He sees himself as a facilitator of change, helping people to create a world that is more harmonious and aligned with higher frequencies. Through his work, Maximilian helps his clients to tap into their own inner power and become the creators of their own reality in the highest alignment.


Maximilian's lifelong passion for crystals has led him on a journey of discovery and exploration. From an early age, he was drawn to the beauty and energy of these natural wonders, and over the years he has honed his skills in working with their beneficial energies.

Through his many years of experience, Maximilian has developed a unique ability to communicate

with the beings that govern the crystal realm. He sees crystals as gateways to other dimensions,

through which these beings can bring blessings and positive energy to humanity.

Maximilian's work with crystals has often led to surprising experiences and profound insights,

and the impact of these energies on his life and the lives of others is almost always beyond

words. He approaches his work with humility and respect, always seeking to deepen his

understanding of the mysteries of the crystal world.

Whether you are new to the world of crystals or have been a long-time devotee, Maximilian's knowledge and experience are sure to inspire and enrich your own relationship with these amazing natural wonders.

About Crystals

Maximilian's journey into the mysteries of the Tarot began with a strong inner calling that led him to study and explore this ancient system of divination. In 2012, he began reading the cards and delving deeper into the esoteric teachings that surround them.

Through long retreats in mystery schools and the mountains of Guatemala,

Maximilian was able to deepen his connection with the Kabbalistic system that

underlies the Tarot. This intensive study and practice allowed him to develop a unique approach to reading the cards, one that blends traditional teachings with his

own intuitive insights and experiences.

Since 2015, Maximilian has been offering professional Tarot readings to a wide range of clients, from private individuals to decision-makers in technology projects, investors, and philanthropists. His ability to tap into the energies and messages of the Tarot has helped many people gain clarity and insight into their lives, relationships, and futures.

Maximilian approaches his work with the Tarot with deep respect and humility, recognizing that this ancient system holds profound wisdom and guidance for those who seek it. Whether you are new to the Tarot or a seasoned practitioner, Maximilian's knowledge and expertise are sure to inspire and enrich your own journey into the mysteries of this powerful divination tool.

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