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Annie Unsworth

Ana Levin

Martin Brenner


Zurich, Switzerland

"I did not know much about Tarot when I got my first reading from Maximilian. As a therapist, I was familiar with archetypal psychology and was somehow blown away with how a Tarot deck can be seen as a complex web of the human psyche’s seen and unseen patterns. 
Maximilian will be your guide and your host in a journey of self mastery with his gifts of clairvoyance, intuition, and diplomatie. 
His readings are incredibly accurate, and he genuinely holds  each person’s highest potential at heart."


“I loved the depth of the reading and how it brought clarity to my current situation. I also received insights on future events. Maximillian gentle nature makes you feel loved and safe.”

Emily Collins


"Maximilian is a very experienced tarot reader and knows a lot about life and has a holistic approach to it. My last tarot reading with him showed me some really new realities and paths."


Maximilian, as a Tarot reader, is not only knowledgeable and skilled, but also connected with Tarot by heart. Years of practices and studies, combined with his perceptive nature and sincerity, make his readings not only professional but deeply personal. He articulates the messages with clarity, simplicity and elegance, giving you new insights and perspectives to reflect upon. Maximilian, as a person, has a calm, gentle, and grounded aura around him, who brings you an uplifting stream of warmth. I am delighted to find a kindred spirit, a dear friend!

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"Max was amazing during our reading, he was able to give a clear idea of my current situation and potiental future… also tapping into how to get there. 
I was interested at the time to learn more about tarot card reading and was happy he shared his vast training and knowledge with me."

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