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Start your individual journey into the core of your personal challenges and aspirations. Together we recognize patterns and life issues that need attention. With transformative techniques you create freedom where there was previously resistance.

Are you ready to discover the deeper patterns that shape your life?


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Do you want to embody more of your unique frequency?

Each stage of your personal development builds on the previous one. That's what we're here for. The potential that can be developed more and more, is completely individual.

There are many keys to this unfolding:
Illumination of the subconscious
Communication with your spiritual guidance

Suggestion techniques
Spiritual healing methods



How can you integrate the changes from your coaching sessions into your daily life?

A chapter of transformation as part of a personal coaching typically lasts six months.  You are supported through regular sessions and the opportunity to receive additional guidance at any time. Changes begin to root deeply and start to reveal themselves in changes to you outside experience of life. This feedback increases motivation for more change. Your frequency begins to increase in an upward spiral.

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Coaching from 120 CHF/hour.

Interested? We invite you to a 
free initial consultation. 


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