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At the age of 24, Maximilian experiences a profound psychedelic experience that reveals to him the infinity beyond the dualities of life. This moment of transcendence leads him to the realization of the inherent perfection in all being and marks a significant change in his life. A process of remembering his supernatural perception in childhood and in earlier incarnations begins. Maximilian delves deeply into mystical literature. His journey into spirituality deepened when his girlfriend suffered a serious car accident. Maximilian dedicated many nights to channel love and healing in the intensive care unit. This period not only witnessed miraculous recoveries, but also strengthened his resolve to serve those closest to him. This formed the basis for his further path as a metaphysical guide.


Maximilian's metaphysical training is influenced by various teachings. He acquired formal qualifications in metaphysical psychology and spiritual healing at the Sauter Institute for Metaphysical Healing in Germany. His further journey spanned various schools and mentors, particularly at Las Piramides del Ka in Guatemala, where Kabbalistic knowledge and retreats lasting several months had a significant influence. Many trips to Egypt, the connection with ancient temples and previous incarnations, gave Maximilian access to skills he had long since learned. 




Maximilian's journey with the Tarot begins in 2012. He learns the basics and begins to lay things out for his personal environment. The results are continually compared with reality and in 2015 the first recommendations led to professional sessions. This year, Maximilian is deepening his understanding of the kaballistic system in which the Tarot is embedded in a long retreat at a mystery school. This lays the foundation for the "Portal Tarot", Maximilian's interpretation of a Tarot session. With the cards as a portal, Maximilian channels the client's spiritual guidance as well as his own. The formal meaning of the card functions as a gateway to delve into the deeper individual message.

Likewise, his lifelong affinity for crystals has become a central element of his practice. Maximilian uses their structured nature as powerful amplifiers for healing intentions and as a mediator of higher frequency connections. Realising that we can never fully comprehend how crystal beings interact with our consciousness, Maximilian established long-standing friendly relationships  with these beings.


Maximilian's path also led through a difficult period of financial difficulties. After the bankruptcy of his company in the construction industry in 2009, he is indebted and in a desperate situation. 
He drew strength from metaphysical practices, and slowly learns to connect to the primary cell in the heart, a beacon of his original soul frequency. This approach helped him navigate difficult times with clear focus. His work in coaching and retreats, in which he accompanies people in their shadow work, is inspired by these experiences, deep compassion, and the certainty that every stroke of fate will eventually become a blessing for us. Maximilian continues his explorations of the spiritual world, driven by a fascination with the mysteries of the past and future that fuels his passion for this ever-evolving field.


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