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Life is challenging us in all kinds of ways. And while all of those ways are within the divine plan, sometimes we feel overwhelmed. We want to make sure to be going in the right direction with choices or projects that will have a big impact.

As a guide and oracle,  Maximilian is providing support for more than 7 years to people from over the world. His goal is always to empower the individual so they can live their divine potential.

  • During a personal session with Maximilian, you will tune your inner compass and navigate the challenges and opportunities that come your way: Empowered to achieve success and fulfilment in the best way possible for you and everyone involved.

  • You might find the motivation to take action towards your goals and overcome obstacles in your path.

  • Access a deeper understanding of yourself and your unique strengths, and learn how to harness them to create the life you truly want.

Find the clarity and guidance you need to achieve the success and abundance you deserve.

You can read more about Maximilians experience with the tarot here


for Corporations & Projects


Your decisions not only affect your personal life but also the lives of others significantly?

You are open to receiving intuitive or channelled advice but are looking for someone who understands the business side of things at the same time?

Are you observing the trend in corporations leaving behind a solely profit-driven approach in favour of a holistic one?

  • Maximilian looks back to 15 years of corporate experience. He was executing for 7-digit projects for top global brands and has many years of business and consulting experience.

  • He worked with more than 25 technology startups in recent years, providing his insights and experience giving direction, improving communication, structure, outreach and investment situation.

  • Benefit from a holistic approach where the well-being of all stakeholders matters.

Let us explore together how Maximilian can create value and solve your project's challenges. 

You can read more about Maximilians journey here

45 minute reading via Zoom

140 CHF

30 minute exploration via Zoom


Send me your question on Whatsapp and receive a voice message and an image with the spread

45 CHF

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