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Château les Charmées - 6. - 11. June 2024

Join us for a captivating journey in a magical castle with

Bea Rubli and Maximilian Rang 

This unique seminar offers a new approach to crystals that creates a bridge to higher dimensions and helps you explore your life vision and the intention of your incarnation.

Through the framework provided, you will be able to open up access to the entities connected to your crystal and uncover your potential. Personal channelings and readings will make this navigation easier for you as you integrate your potential

into your life with a new sense of self-evidence.

To ensure the due diligence required for these deep processes, we are

limiting the number of participants to only 6 people. Working methods will

include Falun Dafa (Qigong), nature experiences in the castle forest, guided

meditations, activations with your crystal, practical channelling exercises for

expanded perception, consciousness journeys, and group sessions.

During the seminar, you will have two personal channelling sessions with

Bea Rubli and two personal tarot readings with Maximilian Rang.

We value a wholesome, vegetarian diet.

We are looking forward to enjoy some magical days in the castle with you.

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