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Chateau Les Charmées, Ancy-le-Franc, France

June 6th to 11th, 2024

Bea Rubli & Maximilian Rang

A unique seminar for a new approach to crystals


Crystals are materially structured to the highest order and thereby create a bridge to higher dimensions. We create a framework in which you can gain this access; in harmony with the entities connected to your crystal. 



With this approach you explore your life vision and the intention of your incarnation. Just as the earth produces crystals, your potential comes to light. 


When implementing these intentions, personal channelings and readings make navigation easier for you. Your potential comes to life and integrates into your life with a new naturalness.

In order to ensure the care required in these deep processes, the number of participants is limited to 6 people.


How it works:


Falun Dafa (Qi Gong)

Nature experience in the castle forest

Guided meditations

Activations with your crystal

Practical channeling exercises for expanded perception

Consciousness journeys

Group sessions


2 channeling sessions with Bea Rubli

2 tarot readings with Maximilian Rang


2,950 CHF until March 31, 2023

3,150 CHF from April 1, 2023


Included for you are:

Single room & Full board. We value a wholesome, vegetarian diet.

During the seminar you have the opportunity to purchase a crystal with a special cut.

(Cost approx. 200 to 400 euros). Alternatively, you are welcome to bring your own crystal.

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