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11 weeks of inner unfolding

What is initiation? Understanding the most fundamental mysteries of our existence is impossible. As an arrow can´t hit itself, the mind cannot fully grasp its own concept.

On this journey, we are letting go of concepts, of the need to understand. In  a time of abundant information, we take a

refreshing breath

and let go.

We are applying what we call experiential mysticism -

coordinated stimulation of the unconsciousness, consciousness

and superconsciousness. These experiences follow a pattern that is

received by Bea Rubli and Maximilian Rang for the current conscious

evolution of humanity.

Through this program, you will unfold more of your divine sovereignty.



Bea Rubli is a mother of three children and has been successfully working as a channeling medium, sensitive, and healer in Aarau, Switzerland for twenty years. She leads several groups for the development of awareness, mediumship, and sensitivity. For years, she has been offering seminars for consciousness development that support the healing process of individuals and use expanded perception as an opportunity to recognize their own limiting patterns, automatisms, dogmas, and concepts .

Through her work, she offers countless people the opportunity to consciously experience their true selves and bring their full potential in life to fruition.


Maximilian Rang is a dedicated researcher of ancient mysteries, having spent over 15 years delving into the depths of knowledge hidden in the past. His travels have taken him to remote regions of Middle America, where he has undertaken long retreats in order to gain a deeper understanding of the knowledge that has been passed down through the ages. Maximilian has also explored various other ancient traditions, always seeking to expand his understanding of the mysteries of the universe.

With a deep connection to kabbalistic mysteries and the tarot, Maximilian has honed his abilities as an oracle, using his intuition to provide guidance to those seeking answers. His experience in working with various metaphysical healing mechanics has allowed him to develop a unique approach to healing involving crystals.

He sees his work as a lifelong journey of learning and growth and is always eager to share his insights with others in a way that is accessible and easy to understand.


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